Keyframe Recording Continuosly - MxHub

In this lesson you can learn how to configure your camera in continous mode with Keyframe option enable

1.- We need to do login in our Managment Client

2.- Go to Site Navigation
1. On Devices section select Cameras
2. On Devices menu select the cameras
3. Click on Record option
4. Check Record keyframes only option

3.- Go to Rules and Events on Site Navigation pane
1. Click on Rules
2. Right click over Rules pane, then “Add Rule”

4.- On Type of rule we’re going to select Perform and action in a time interval and then “Next”

5.- On Conditions we select “Always” and “Next”

6.- Actions section is to check the Recording Action
1. Check Start Recording devices
2. Select recording device link

7.- Now select cameras to add to this Rule
1. Select Cameras
2. Click on Add Button
3. You will see the camera
4. Click OK

8.- Click “Next”

9.- Click “Next”

10.- Click “Finish”

11.- Last, we can check the rule structure that we created