Standard camera configuration


In this tutorial, we would like to cover the major/common steps for a standard MOBOTIX camera configuration, the steps which are required in almost all applications.

Within this tutorial, we have recorded events from MOBOTIX cameras to a NAS device relating to movement and then show how to playback the recordings.


This flowchart shows the basic steps to configure a camera for most applications. We have split this clip in several sections for your convenience.

Min. 00:00 - Welcome

Min. 00:38 - Main Idea

Min. 01:11 - Flowchart

Min. 02:00 - Step 1. - Network Setup

Min. 06:19 - Step 2. - Time Settings

Min. 08:40 - Step 3.- Power Frequency

Min. 09:30 - Step 4. - Image Settings

Min. 11:47 - Step 5. - Arming

Min. 12:35 - Step 6. - Event Overview

Min. 13:42 - Step 7. - Recording Settings

Min. 15:15 - Step 8. - Storage on External File Server/NAS

Min. 18:30 - Step 9. - Password Settings

Min. 19:59 - Step 10. - Copying of the Configuration to the Other Cameras

Min. 21:31 - Step 11. - Adding Cameras to the MxManagementCenter

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It should be noted that in MxSystem Release, a reboot isn’t necessary after changing the network settings as the change is applied automatically (think “service network restart” in a Linux environment).

However, the configuration is not automatically stored, so if the camera is rebooted before a store is issued, the network settings revert back to factory (DHCP).

It caught me out once, I’d hate for it to catch others out.