LevelS2 - OnGuard Access Integration EN

MOBOTIX HUB LenelS2 OnGuard Access Integration

LenelS2 OnGuard Access Integration - XPA - enables the display of LenelS2® access control events and alarms in the MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client.
Users can view LenelS2® access control and alarm events in a separate tab with associated video in the MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client.
They can also use the standard MOBOTIX HUB functions for searching, exporting and reviewing video.
With the MOBOTIX HUB map functions, the status of the managed doors can be displayed on a map image and the doors can be locked and unlocked.
By using MOBOTIX VMS as a display client, operators can also manage other third-party applications in the same user interface, such as intercom, people counting, heat mapping, loitering and other types of video analytics. These applications must be installed separately.

Main functions

Display of alarm events from OnGuard® in real time in the MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client
Acknowledge OnGuard alarms from the MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client (Note: OpenAccess license must be activated in OnGuard® for this function)

  • Use the MOBOTIX HUB Map functions to display the managed door status on a map image and to lock and unlock doors
  • Direct connection to the OnGuard web-based management interface** via the MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client.
  • Unlock doors and receive events triggered by video** via the MOBOTIX HUB Mobile Client.

LenelS2 integration requirements:

Under these conditions, integration into the MOBOTIX HUB is possible.

Function overview

OnGuard devices can be displayed on the map. Video events can be displayed simultaneously.

The plug-in can also be used in the HUB Mobile Client.

The alarm IDs of the MOBOTIX HUB and those of OnGuard can be synchronized.

Door accesses can be displayed by the cameras integrated in the HUB.

OnGuard authorizations can be transferred to the MOBOTIX HUB.

OnGuard events can be displayed in real time.

Installing the plug-in

First step: Install OnGuard MOBOTIX HUB Access Service

  1. Double-click on the file “XProtectAccess.OnGuard.msi” to start.
  2. The installation wizard is started. Click on “Next” to continue.
  3. The installation wizard now wants to install the required components for the OnGuard MOBOTIX HUB access service. Click Next to continue.
  4. Optionally expand the server icon menu to display the installation options. The “Reset” button can reset the wizard to all default options. 5.
  5. Select the account under which the OnGuard MOBOTIX HUB Access Service is to be run. The wizard selects the “LocalSystem” account by default. Click Next.
  6. The Ready to install step confirms that the wizard can start the installation. Now click Install.
  7. After the installation is complete, click Done.

Second step: Installing the OnGuard MOBOTIX HUB Access MipPlugin

  1. Place the XProtectAccess.OnGuard.msi file on the server hosting the MOBOTIX HUB Event Server, which is usually the MOBOTIX HUB Management Server
    (Local Disk > Programs > MOBOTIX > HUB > Management Server)
    and double-click on the file to start.
  1. After opening the file, the installation wizard will start. To install the OnGuard MOBOTIX HUB Access MipPlugin. Click Change and activate the Access MipPlugin. Click Next to continue.


  1. In the next step it is confirmed that the installation wizard can begin with the installation. Now click Install.
  2. You have now installed the OnGuard MOBOTIX HUB Access MipPlugin. Click Done.

The plug-in is now fully installed.

To start LenelS2 OnGuard Access, start the HUB Management Client. Right-click on Access Control and Create New.

Now select LenelS2 OnGuard and then enter the relevant information: