ManagementCenter License Overview - ENG


Integration Starter License

The Integration Starter license is required only once per MxMC workstation. It can be used to integrate any number of MOBOTIX MOVE and MOBOTIX IoT cameras in H.264 mode. And up to nine ONVIF third-party cameras: The eight ONVIF third-party cameras that were already integrated free of charge with MJPEG can now be completely converted to H.264 with the Integration Starter License and supplemented by another ONVIF third-party camera in H.264 mode.


Integration Channel License

The Integration Channel License is required once for each additional ONVIF-S camera that is is integrated into an MxMC workstation with H.264. In principle, with the Integration Channel licenses, even without an activated Integration Starter license. license, any number of third-party cameras can be integrated into MxMC in MJPEG mode. However, for the performance reasons mentioned above (network load/data traffic), this is only recommended in very few cases. However, for the performance reasons mentioned above (network load/data traffic), this will only be advisable or possible from a network perspective in very few applications.

Unlimited validity

The integration licenses are valid per MxMC workstation, regardless of how many users are set up there. There is also no time limit or expiration date for the licenses. However, we would like to point out that in the course of further product development of MxMC, it cannot be guaranteed for technical reasons that a license used in MxMC 2.0 can be transferred to any future, larger MxMC version in principle and without further license costs (MxMC updates with bug fixes or minor improvements excepted). To protect the (license) investment and to get access to further valuable services, we recommend the new Advanced Service licenses described below.


Advanced Config License - Free of charge in every MxMC

As an admin or user, provided you have the appropriate rights, you can now use the and an Advanced Config license has been purchased and activated, you can now check and change check and change significantly more camera and system settings via MxMC 2.0. The big advantage of the configuration solution integrated in MxMC is that you no longer have to call up each individual camera in the browser if you want to check and change the settings of an entire camera group, for example. Even with the advanced configuration in MxMC 2.0, it is possible to adjust the configuration of up to 80 cameras of a group at the same time, which in turn means enormous time and thus cost advantages, especially in very large projects.

This function is only available for Mobotix IoT cameras.


Extended Service License

The new Advanced Service licenses with terms of 1, 2, or 5 years have been designed years were primarily designed as an attractive service offering for end customers with mission-critical applications, which, compared to the other licenses, goes far beyond the actual MxMC application. In order to minimize downtimes, end customers with an Advanced Service license receive, in the event of acute problems occurring in the entire MOBOTIX video system, in addition to the In particularly difficult cases, end customers with an Advanced Service license also have the option of contacting MOBOTIX directly as the manufacturer to solve the problem.

An Advanced Service license includes the following services (for end users):

  • Exclusive direct access to international MOBOTIX support* with response time within 2 hours (Priority Support)
  • Preferential handling of support requests (VIP status)**
  • Exclusive use of the Health Check Tool (see below) on the MxMC workstation where the license was activated
  • Guaranteed investment protection for MxMC updates within the contract term: Free transfer of purchased licenses to all future MxMC versions
  • One Advanced Service license is valid for up to 64 MxMC workstations and 64 MOBOTIX devices in the project
  • Depending on the size of the project, a corresponding number of Advanced Service licenses must be purchased.
    • MOBOTIX Support is also staffed with German-speaking employees on working days (Monday to Friday) from 8 am to 5 pm (CET).
    • MOBOTIX endeavors to respond to Priority Support requests that involve a serious malfunction of the installation (bugs and third-party products excluded) within one business day and to assist the customer.

Detailed operating instructions for the license portal, based on the respective partner status, can be found under this link on the MOBOTIX website: 16