MOBOTIX CLOUD - Local Viewing via Media Shortcut

The MOBOTIX Cloud VMS provides a Media Shortcut for local viewing of video content when accessing the MOBOTIX VMS from the same local network as the MOBOTIX Bridge. This enables access to video playback, full video live view, and layout preview video without requiring communicating with the cloud. The data is directly aquired from the bridge. Use of the Media Shortcut allows for improved load times, increased viewing quality, and reduced latency. Media Shortcut is available to all editions of the MOBOTIX VMS (Standard, Professional, Enterprise).

Advantages of Media Shortcut
Media Shortcut is enabled by default for all MOBOTIX bridges and users. The main reasons why you work with this feature are:

  1. Full Video Stream Live View: Media Shortcut improves the speed of full video load
    times and decreases the latency in continuous real-time delivery of the video stream.

  2. Layout Preview Stream: Media Shortcut improves the Layouts screen load time,
    enhances the Layout stream video quality, and decreases the latency in continuous
    real-time delivery of multiple preview streams within the Layouts screen.

  3. History Browser and playback: (fore puffered data in the cloud) Media Shortcut
    improves the following:

  • Load times of preview video as requested for historical playback

  • Continuous load times when requesting additional video data via the Scrub Bar

  • Load times of requested full stream video upon initiating playback. This does
    not apply to Cloud storage.

Media Shortcut is active when:

  1. A little popup is shown near the speed configuration line

  1. You see the highlighted URL

Media Shortcut IS NOT utilized for downloading video. Saved video must transmit to the MOBOTIX
Cloud in all applications and is not available for download from the local device.

In addition, if a Bridge has not synchronized the video to the MOBOTIX Cloud yet or is in “Minimal
mode, then it will appear as if the video is being pulled from the bridge directly.

Media Shortcut is enabled by default on bridges and CMVRs; however, it can be disabled or
configured by accessing the Bridge’s Advanced Settings (found in the Bridge Settings tab with
the MOBOTIX Cloud VMS)

Image 2: Bridge Advanced Settings views for configuring and disabling Media Shortcut

Virtual LAN, Multiple Local/Layer Networks Configuration

The Media Shortcut Override is used when applying Media Shortcut across mapped virtual local area networks (VLANs). Using the Override requires network information to be provided by the customer’s IT management services or provider. The Override’s default is the detected network assigned by the network DHCP services.

Media Shortcut VLAN

When a request is made from the client browser outside of the bridge’s WAN, a network mapped address must be utilized in order to communicate between VLANs. The IP addresses assigned to point to the bridge WAN address need to be input as the Media Shortcut Overide value. DNS resolution must be enabled across the network map.

Example of VLAN Application: When access to Media Shortcut enabled functionality is requested from a bridge outside of the VLAN, users must configure the Overide to allow access from the client’s VLAN to the bridge’s VLAN. This is done by configuring the Overide to the IP address mapped to the corresponding Bridge IP Address.