MOBOTIX CLOUD - How to get the firmware version of your bridge

If you are asked to provide informations of your bridge, it is not always possible to see all of them in your account. That includes the installed firmware version.

To view this information, you need to access the bridge with a monitor and keyboard connected following this steps:

  • Connect a Monitor and a keyboard to the MOBOTIX Bridge.
  • If you don’t see a login screen press q on your keyboard.
  • Type your login informations:
    • Login: admin
    • Password: last 5 digits of the serial number
  • Select “System Info” to view various informations including the firmware version

The latest Version is for the Cloud Bridge the 2.3.8 (based on status October 2021). Bridges with the Version 1.0.13 need an update to support the latest MOBOTIX camera software!
IMPORTANT to get an update is that the Bridges stays permanent online to get the update through the Cloud.

With the latest App Verison of the Cloud you can use your Smartphone to get the version of your Bridge Firmware: