MOBOTIX CLOUD - My camera is displayed as offline, what to do?

From time to time, it may happen that a camera can be added to a MOBOTIX Bridge, but is displayed there as an offline cameraKamera offline .
This is often due to a combination of different factors.

For cameras of the P6 series (x16/x26 models), please check the firmware version of the camera.
If the firmware version is or higher, please take a closer look at the Integration Protocols.
The entries there should look like this:

If they look like the following instead, you are not in the so-called legacy mode and need to follow the subsequent steps:

  • Save your configuration as a precaution.
  • Downgrade the camera software to version
  • Reset the integration protocols to factory settings, and set your ONVIF password correctly again.
  • Save permanently and restart the camera.
  • Once the camera is displayed online again, you can upgrade the firmware again if desired.
  • The integration profiles must never be reset to factory settings or replaced by a configuration file created with version or higher, otherwise the original settings will be discarded.

For cameras of the P7 series, please check if the firmware of camera and bridge are up to date.
Reset the menu item of the integration protocols to factory settings and set your ONVIF password correctly again.

If these measures do not help, please contact the support, giving the ESN numbers of camera and bridge. You can get this information by clicking on the button for the settings of the camera settings.
Please keep the MOBOTIX Bridge connected to the Internet, without this no support is possible.