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Invoicing of Cloud Service

VSaaS – Video Surveillance as a Service  Advanced Payment

this article Explains in details how the Invoicing will take place and which type of Details infos the partner will get from us.

We as MOBOTIX deliver monthly the follow documents to the Partner:

  1. A SAP invoice with the total amount of the Cloud Service as pdf.
  2. We deliver up to four CSV files with detailed information about the cloud billing. This enables the partner to check in detail which costs have been incurred per camera in the billing period. The CSV files can be opened with Excel. A further automated evaluation is possible with any system thanks to the CSV format.

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Invoicing Procedure:

  • When a new service is activated, it only starts invoicing with the next month. (Activation Month is for free!)
  • All Services that are active at the end of the month are invoiced at the beginning of the following month. This is a pre-payment for the following month.
  • When a service is terminated, no credit is done for the running month that has been pre-paid.


  • New camera is connected to the bridge on 15. March and the service HD-14days is activated on that day.
  • First invoice is created beginning of April (e.g. 3 April) and invoices 1 month of HD-14days service for April.
  • Second invoice is created beginning of May (e.g. 4 May) and invoices 1 month of HD-14days service for May.
  • this continues every month
  • When the service is terminated on 10 October, the October service has already been invoiced at the beginning of October. This is NOT refunded. In November and all following months, there will be no charge any longer.

Note: The same procedure holds if a service is upgraded or downgraded: It only takes effect with the next invoicing (= the prepayment for the following month).