Cloud Reseller Account - First Steps and add Users

In the article, we will look at the reseller initial registration and how additional users can be added to this cloud reseller account.
The first steps after a partner gets a reseller account are as follows. 1:

  1. sign the Reseller Agreement

  2. MOBOTIX creates a new Cloud Reseller Account.

  3. the applicant (partner email) receives an automatic invitation email from-
    Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 07.22.06

  4. partner activates his account by creating his personal password. ATTENTION: For security reasons, the activation link is only active for a maximum of 48 hours!

  5. partner can then log in with his email and the newly created password at

  1. in this Cloud Reseller Account the partner can essentially:

• Create additional users in his Cloud Reseller Account, e.g. an employee of his company, and assign them the appropriate rights, up to admin rights.

• Create sub-accounts for his customers, e.g. car dealer BMW Mustermann.
• Perform failure monitoring as well as maintenance activities on the customer’s systems.

We have a great introduction to how the initial commissioning takes place in a training video in our E-Campus area (partners can register there for FREE)!

After the initial setup of the customer system, the partner should enable the privacy mode for the end customer account. This allows the admin of the sub-account (end customer e.g. car dealer BMW Mustermann) to set access to his live and recorded images to Privacy Mode. The partner is then no longer able to view the sensitive live images and recordings. If required, the end customer can temporarily suspend this privacy protection for e.g. image settings for the partner. The control is 100% with the end customer and cannot be circumvented by the partner!