MOBOTIX CLOUD - VMS Bandwidth Management

The MOBOTIX VMS provides intelligent bandwidth management that allows users to manage exactly
how and when the VMS impacts their network. This allows the customer to mitigate over saturation of their network and to implement schedules for optimal usage of their bandwidth without interrupting operations.

Intelligent Bandwidth Management adjusts data transmission and optimizes bandwidth utilization for Internet connectivity.

  1. Allows for devices to buffer video and transmit to the cloud according to fixed parameters or an allocated percentage of available bandwidth.

  2. Users may implement schedules of transmission with variable parameters for a fixed amount of upload bandwidth or an allocated percentage of upload bandwidth.

Various bandwidth transmission modes determine how video streaming is being sent to MOBOTIX CLOUD VMS.

Every installation has its unique bandwidth requirements and accessing the cloud can be a challenge if the available upload bandwidth is not considered from the start. To ensure optimal performance in each unique network environment, we provide the Bandwidth Manager.

Using the Intelligent Bandwidth Management, you can determine:

  • Percentage of available network utilization
  • Fixed amount of bandwidth utilization
  • Schedule for bandwidth utilization
  • Maximum bandwidth utilization
  • Minimum bandwidth mode for cellular applications and data plan management


“Cloud BW” the synchronization of video to the cloud as well as the viewing of video that is not yet in the cloud. Real-Time is the preview video that is being transmitted directly to the cloud.

“Cloud BW Measured” the bandwidth as measured while sending data to the MOBOTIX CLOUD.

“Disk Space” available and in use, which is video temporarily buffered prior to synchronizing with the MOBOTIX CLOUD. If video does not get transmitted to the cloud before the available space is filled, then the oldest day’s video will be purged to make room for the current video.

“Delta Storage” difference between the video buffered locally and the space freed by synchronizing to the MOBOTIX CLOUD. Positive represents in use storage and negative represents successful synchronization to the cloud. Any video that is purged prior to the retention period will show negative in purple.