Where can I see how much bandwidth my camera is using?

There is not a built-in tool in the MOBOTIX camera to display the bandwidth usage but there are several ways to calculate the bandwidth being used.

  • Storage requirements planner
  • Resource Monitor with MxManagementCenter
  • MxControlCenter or MxEasy

Storage Requirements planner

You can use the Storage Requirements Planner to estimate the bandwidth usage. The values for this planner have been determined using statistical methods. Results of the storage requirements planner are only estimates.

Note that these values are measured for specific scenarios and they might differ from your particular scene or situation.

Step 1. Select your camera model.

Step 2. Adjust Image complexity , Motion Rate in images and Number of hours with daylight/illumination to get closer to the scenario that fits your installation. Click on the i (Information) icon to display the image samples.


Step 3. Define Camera Settings and Recording Type. These parameters are related to the configuration settings which can be defined in the Setup Menu of the web interface.


Step 4. Adjust the Miscellaneous parameters: Time to keep in days (max. 999 days) and Maximum data rate (frame rate is adjusted). Use this parameter to define the amount of bandwidth available for each camera’s recording. The camera’s recording frame rate is then estimated for the settings chosen accordingly.


Once you have defined all the different parameters, click on Calculate and the Results will be displayed. The Data creation date will be the bandwidth requirement.


Bear in mind that this is the usage per one stream. In this case the recording stream. You may calculate the bandwidth usage for the visualization streams adjusting the Scenario and Camera settings.

Activity Monitor

Using the Activity Monitor in the Operating System and MxManagementCenter in the Live View mode displaying only one camera it is possible display the bandwidth used by that camera as calculated by the OS.


MxControlCenter displays the bandwidth used during the visualization of one Live camera. Notice the red arrow on the bottom right corner. This is the bandwidth in kbit/s.