Mobotix D14D POE OK Ping OK but unable to access it with any port as http or https

Hi there,

I am using 11 Mobotix Cameras x14x.
I just upgraded them thru MxMC 2.2 with the latest firmware MX-V4.7.2.35-r1* . 10 of them works well.
One of them a D14D is not anymore accessible. I tested POE (OK) and ping (OK), LEDs are OK too. However I cannot access anymore the camera thru port 80 or 443. A fing on the device shows that none services are available.
I tried also to boot either with Factory and DHCP usinf the custom tool with no success.
I beleive something wrong happened during firmware upgrade.
Is there anyway I can restart it to either to factory or recovery mode?

Thanks for your support.