MOBOTIX HUB - 2022 R3 Release (ENG)

MOBOTX regularly provides new HUB versions, typically 3 release versions per year.

Update options:

  • Customers who have already purchased an Advanced Service Product license can update to the new version free of charge.
  • Customers who do not have an Advanced Service Product licence must purchase new licences for the current version.

The releases contain new product features as well as improvements for the software components.

The release notes contain a detailed list of the improvements and changes.

See Software Download / MOBOTIX HUB → Release Notes:

New in MOBOTIX HUB VMS 2022 R3

  • MOBOTIX HUB Management Client device search filter
    It is now possible to search for devices in the recording server tree. Searches can be made on device name and IP address. In addition, all disabled devices are by default not shown in the device tree, but they can be displayed by ticking the checkbox in the search bar.

  • What is new in MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client 2022 R3
    Updated visual elements and changes – to structure and workflows of some dialogs. The menu in the upper left corner has been restructured and the Login Information, Server Jobs and Evidence Lock are now separate dialogs.
    The MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client now transmits telemetric data to MOBOTIX VMS with the purpose of optimizing the product. Data collected includes data on feature usage, errors / exceptions, and system configuration. All data is sent encrypted and pseudonymized. Telemetry can be turned off from the Management Client.
    Changed behavior of Independent playback in the Desk Client has been modified – to make it more usable, when using independent playback to quickly check up on something witnessed in a particular video feed. Now when entering Independent Playback from Live mode, the video will skip back 10 seconds and automatically start playing. If Independent playback is entered from playback mode, while the video is playing forward the video will similarly skip back 10 seconds, while if the video is playing backwards the video will skip forward 10 seconds. If the video is stopped Independent playback mode will be entered, but no skip will take place.
    Extended support for ONVIF Profile-M metadata in Vehicle and People categories. Also, People, Vehicle and Location are now available in more products.
    Changes to availability of search agents in Centralized Search. Now all built-in search agents are available in all versions of MOBOTIX HUB with the exception of MOBOTIX HUB L1.
    It is now possible to configure Home position for PTZ cameras.

  • What is new in MOBOTIX HUB Web Client 2022 R3
    Left pane views/ devices navigation and search – to bring the Web Client look and feel closer to the Desk client, we have renewed the Live page navigation in the Web Client to have the left pane with all views, all camera view and all cameras tree below. The left pane can be expanded and collapsed and there is also the ability to search in both the views and the devices trees. Once the user has selected what he or she were searching for, up to 7 such search items can be kept in the recent search suggestions, so that the user can more easily find frequently used views/camera feeds.
    Third-party IDP login – Users can now log into their Web Client with their preferred identity provider service. This option is however only available for secure, encrypted connections. If the Mobile server does not have an encryption certificate setup, the button for third party IDP will not appear on the Web Client login page.
    Toast notifications for alarms raised – when an alarm or other event is raised, now the user is prompted to go to the alarms page with a toast notification within the Web Client. Similar events are grouped in the same toast message, to preserve screen real estate. Clicking on the toast message will bring the user to the Alarms tab in the Web Client, so they can see the alarm details and respond to it.

  • What is new in MOBOTIX HUB Mobile Client 2022 R3
    For Android and iOS users:
    Log in with an external IDP – you can log in to the MOBOTIX HUB Mobile app using an external IDP. The alternative login method allows you to bypass the required user credentials of a basic user or a Windows user and continue to be authorized to access the app.
    Using biometrics or device credentials to secure the app – you can now use biometrics or your device credentials to verify your identity before you open the app. Quick authentication based on your fingerprint, face ID, or device credentials facilitates access to the MOBOTIX HUB Mobile client and improves the security of the app.
    Mobile device management (MDM) – MOBOTIX HUB Mobile client now supports mobile device management (MDM). With MDM, you can manage and secure devices, apps, and data from a unified console.
    New user experience – the login procedure splits into two. The server screen is now separated from the user log in screen. Users can add servers separately and then choose to enter their credentials. The new screens are user – centered and the following buttons and settings:

  • Log out

  • Change password

  • Disconnect from server

  • Go to the app settings.

For Android users:
Playback Timeline (“Time picker”) – the time picker has a new and simplified interface. For more information, see Using the playback timeline

  • What’s new in MOBOTIX Mobile server 2022 R3
    Removed requirement for firewall exception to allow ICMP ping to Management server from Mobile server installer. Now the Mobile server can be installed without requiring admins/ integrators to add this exception to the Management server firewall settings.
    Added GDPR warning dialogue for enabling push notifications – the dialogue will appear when an admin enables Push notifications for Mobile clients to notify the user that enabling push notifications might make their installation non-GDPR compliant.
    Browsers are now filtered out from the Notifications tab in the Mobile server node in Management client so that administrators will only see devices that are registered for notifications (In app and Push) and not be confused by the browser instances, as Web Client will only receive in-app notifications.

Changes and solved issues

Windows support
Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 are no longer supported Windows versions.

Changes compared to XProtect Management Client 2022 R2
The Remote Desktop shortcut for Interconnected devices has been removed.

Changes compared to Recording Server 2022 R2
It is now possible to delete a storage volume that is offline.

Changes compared to MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client 2022 R2
A previous limitation in the length of pathnames usable for exporting video evidence has been removed
from the Desk Clients export feature.

Changes compared to XProtect Mobile Client 2022 R2
No changes.

Changes compared to XProtect Web Client 2022 R2
No changes.

Changes compared to XProtect Mobile Server 2022 R2
No longer requiring user admins to add exceptions to Management server Firewall rules to allow ICMP ping during Mobile server installation.

Changes compared to Software Manager 2022 R2
No changes