MOBOTIX HUB ONVIF Failover Recording with Mobotix 7 cameras

Since firmware 7.2.x.x, the MOBOTIX 7 cameras offer the ONVIF G Protocol, which enables ONVIF Failover Recording.

The camera checks whether the client can be reached via the network at a configured interval.

If the network connection to the client is lost, the camera buffers the recordings on its internal SD card.

When the connection is available again, the Mobotix Hub can retrieve the recordings automatically or on manual request.

This article explains how to configure the Mobotix 7 camera and the MxHub.

Mobotix 7 configuration

1. Format the SD-Card

With the first Version of 7.2.x.x Firmware the camera stores the Failover Recordings into the AppData Partition.
There will be a separate partition for this in an upcoming firmware.

Format the SD card partition with sufficient capacity

Admin Menu: Storage on External File Server / Flash Medium

Format Medium: SD Flash Card

Click on User Data Size and define a partition size

Click OK and start the formation

2. Enable ONVIF and Edge Recording

Admin-Menu: Integrationsprotocols

Select ONVIF as Protocol

Enable Edge Recording

Select your ONVIF Profile which you want to use

Important: Edge Failover Recording is only working with H.264

Define the Recording Time after an event

Define the recording time before an event is triggered (This Time should be larger then the Session Timeout Time)

The Storage Size is set automatically according to your User Data Partition Size but you can also define another storage Size

Enable Failover Recording

Enter the IP-Adress of the client that is monitored

Enter a Session Timeout time (Here we recommend a time of at least 10 seconds and not less)

When the connection is re-established, the camera continues to record for 60 seconds, thus ensuring that no events are lost

3. Define the Events which should trigger a recording

Setup-Menu: Action Group Overview

Select the Events which should trigger the Failover Recording when the connection is lost to the Client

Add an Action to this Action Group and select the ONVIF Profile

ONVIF Recording: ~onvif-default0_start

When you change the ONVIF Profile in the Edge Recording Settings in Integrationsprotocols you have to change also the ONVIF Profile in the Action Group

MOBOTIX HUB Configuration

1. Automatically retrieve remote recordings

Add your Mobotix 7 via ONVIF into the MxHub

Management Client → Recordings Servers → Select your Mobotix 7 Camera → Record

Enable the Automatically retrieve remote recordings when connection is restored Option

When connection to the camera is lost → Camera will record on his own SD-Card → When connection is restored the MxHub will retrieve the recordings automatically

2. Manuell retrieve remote recordings

Add your Mobotix 7 via ONVIF into the MxHub

Open the HUB Desk Client

Switch into the Playback of your Mobotix 7 camera

Define a period from which you want to retrieve the recordings

Click on the Range button and define the Time Range you want to retrieve the data

Click on Retrieve…

Select the cameras you want to retrieve the recordings

Click on Start Retrieval

See the status of Retrieving

You also see the progress in ManagementClient


After the Retrieving is finished you can have a look into the recordings:


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Make sure that you are adding the device using the Onvif Drivers. If you add both Mobotix and Onvif you will not get Remote Recording option as it can only be used with Onvif drivers.