Using Mobotix IoT events via ONVIF integration and start a specific event search in the MOBOTIX HUB

Many new features were introduced with the MOBOTIX 7 camera platform.
Among others, since firmware the ONVIF-G standard, which supports failover (edge) recording.

With this feature, we offer a memory failure safety in case the recording server of the MxHub is not running or not accessible. During the downtime, the MOBOTIX 7 camera buffers its recordings on the internal SD card and the MxHub retrieves the recordings from the camera and stores them on its hard drive.

Since the ONVIF protocol currently only allows you to directly access motion detection (video motion detector and MxActivitySensor), you will have to proceed as described in this article in order to be able to use camera events such as MxMessage events, internal events and to be able to search for them in an ONVIF integration.

In order to use other IoT events via ONVIF and start a search for a specific event, the camera must trigger the event and send a TCP/IP message to the MxHub. The MxHub receives the event and starts recording, for example. In addition, the MxHub must set a bookmark so that it can search for these TCP/IP messages.

1. Enable Generic Events in MxHub

Click on Tools → Options → Generic Events

Add a new data source or use the predefined ones.

Enable it and set our communication Port

Click OK

2. Configure your IoT Events in your Mobotix Camera

in this example we are using the FFLPR App which sends an MxMessage to the Camera and the Camera sends a TCP/IP to the MxHub when the App itselfe is triggering an Event.

Setup-Menu: Event Overview
Create your IoT Events like you will need it

3. Create an IP-Notify which will send an TCP/IP Notification to the MxHub

Admin-Menu: IP Notify Profiles

Add a new Profile

IP Notify Type: Custom Configuration
Desitnation Address: Set the IP-Adress or Hostname of your MxHUB:Port of your Generic Events (e.g.:
Data Protocol: RAW TCP/IP
Data Type: Plain Text
Message: Define your own message like you will use it (You will need the exact message later in the MxHub) (e.g.: FFLPR)

4. Link your IoT event in an action group

Setup-Menu: Action Group Overview

Add a new group

Name: Set a name for this action group
Event Selection: Select your Event which should trigger the TCP/IP to your MxHub
Add a new action
Action1: Select your IP-Notify profile which you have created

Note: From now on, the camera will send a TCP/IP message to the MxHub when the selected event occurs.

5. Add a Generic Event in MxHub

ManagementClient → Rules and Events → Generic Events
Right Click → Add new…

Set a name for this generic event


Click OK

Expression: Fill in the same TCP/IP Message which you have add in your camera IP-Notify profile (e.g. FFLPR)
Expression type: Regular expression
Data source: Select your data source which you have confiured in Step 1

6. Add a new rule which starts a recording and set a bookmark for this generic event

ManagementClient → Rules and Events → Rules
Right Click → Add Rule…

Set a rulename and select: Perform an action on

Click on event

Click on External Events → Generic Events
Select your created Generic Event (e.g. FFLPR)


Click OK
Click Next twice

Select Start recording on devices as action

Click on immediately to set a prerecording for example

Click on recording devices and select Select devices

Select your camera which should start the recording when this generic event is triggered and add it to the selected list.


Click OK

Select create bookmark on devices

Click on Bookmark

Enter a name for this Bookmark. You will need this name later in the DeskClient Search, to find this specific IoT Event

Click OK

Now click on Devices

Click on Select devices

Select your camera which should start the recording when this generic event is triggered and add it to the selected list.


Click OK
Click Next

Now select a stop criteria.
Use a event that stops the recording or select the stop of recording after a time

Note: Now the system is ready. When the IoT Event in the camera is triggered, the camera will send an TCP/IP Notification to the Hub. The MxHub will start the recording and will create a bookmark (FFLPR).

7. Search vor the IoT Event in MxHub DeskClient

Open MxHub DeskClient und click on Search

Select a Time Range for your search
Select your camera which you want to make a search
Click on Search for… and select Bookmarks

Now enter the Name of your configured Bookmark in the keywords field.

You should now get all Events with this Bookmark within the selected time range

Here you can see a short clip of how it works: