Mobotix LIVE app answer call

Hi - Is the only option to “answer” a ring/call on the Mobotix LIVE app to click on the Speaker and Microphone icons separately? Just wondering if there is a different way of interacting with the door station during an incoming door bell ring.


hello @LesPaulGtr ,

this is the only way to “answer” and get an audio connection to the doorstation.
This is designed so that you have to actively establish an audio connection when you want to intercom.
Initially, only a live image is displayed so that you can only see who is standing in front of the door.
So you can decide for yourself whether you want to talk to this person or not.

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Thank you @Mx-MaikC! One other question - Is there any additional setup required for audio back to the S16 using the microphone icon? It seems like pressing the microphone icon doesn’t transfer any audio back to the S16. I have an external speaker connected to the S16 which works fine during tests and rings OK. I also tested sending audio from a 3rd party app (Blue Iris) back to the S16 which also did not make sound on the S16. Any ideas please?

Thank you!

@Mx-MaikC Please disregard, this is working as expected now. Thanks!