Multiple counting using the counting corridors in MxAnalytics


I am currently using the c26 camera with the MxAnalytics software, specifically the counting corridors, to count people entering and exiting an establishment. When a single person enters or exits the count is done correctly, but when 2 or more people enter and/or exit at the same time the counter does not update as it should. I have defined several corridors and modified the camera settings several times, but I can’t get it to work the way I want it to. Is there any way to solve this? Is there another software that is more suitable for this?

Thank you so much.

Hello damaser,

the accuracy of the optical people count strongly relies on the correct setup and surrounding, especially camera field of view and perspective, light and shadows, and the contrast in the scene.
If multiple persons cross the counting corridor with no optical separation from the cameras perspective, they might be counted as a single person.
Please refer to the setup help here:

The latest MOBOTIX 7 line can implement the AI Object recognition and combine Analytics to improve counting results.