[Solved] Trigger action when a corrigor counter is incremented


Is it be possible to trigger an action (for example, IP Notify) each time a corrider counter is incremented in MxAnalytics ?


Hi, I see such an option only on cams that support “Behavioral Detection” in Activity Sensor. (i.e. cams that are Installed on the ceiling, like Q and C models).

Hi Mat!

As of newer firmware versions, both P3/x5 and P6/x6 Series cameras are all capable of utilising MxAnalytics and Behavioural Detection.

  • x5/P3 Series F/W:
  • MX-V4.7.2.1
  • x6/P6 Series F/W:
  • MX-V5.2.0.61

Regarding the action based on corridor counter:
It is possible to create an event based on corridor count triggers. MxAnalytics must first be flagged on before Behavioural Detection Events show under Image Analysis Events (Event Overview)

Unfortunately, I don’t think that you can currently distinguish an event based on a person entering or existing a specified corridor. One way I could think of, to combat this - would be to create a Meta Event. Use the corridor count event + 2 seperate versions of ActivitySensor Events.

Meta Event 1:
CorridorTrigger + ActivitySensor_1 (Filtering down/entering movement)

Meta Event 2:
CorridorTrigger + ActivitiySensor_2 (Filtering up/exiting movement)