MxCC Troubleshooting Guide

1. Introduction

This document provides the initial steps to effectively troubleshoot issues with MxCC. In the event that the issue needs to be escalated to MOBOTIX Technical Support, by following this document, the required information and evidence will already be correlated. The issue can then be addressed in a swift and timely matter. The scope of this document is very broad. As a result it is key to note that not all the points below are applicable to every case.

2. Troubleshooting Process

2.1. What is the hardware configuration of the computer (CPU, RAM,graphic cards)?

The hardware may not be enough to display the amount of cameras that the customer put in a single layout and / or the Event Cache is too big and cannot be loaded in RAM. Suggested minimum system requirements can be found in the Release Notes for the MxCC version you are using at

2.2. What operating System (Windows version and system type {32-64 bit}) is being used?

Also what version of MxCC is installed (release number and if it is a 32or 64 bit)? If the OS is a 32 bit the MxCC 32 bit must be used. If the OS is a 64 bit it’s advisable to use the MxCC 64 bit but sometimes the 32 is also fine.

2.3. How many instances of MxCC are running simultaneously?

This is one of the major causes of problems. It is possible to run multiple instances of MxCC, but it does require further configuration. It is advised however to run one instances per PC due to limitations relating to the Event Search and the Action Log.

2.4. How many cameras are you displaying in the same layout?

What’s the resolution of the cameras’ live stream? Are you using the “Live” or the “Preview” mode? If the hardware is not adequate then“Preview” mode is preferred. Alternatively you can reduce the resolution and JPEG quality of the displayed images as well as limiting the number of cameras displayed in each layout.

2.5. How is the MxCC retrieving the recordings? From the camera or directly from the
storage location?

If the camera is retrieving recordings via camera, the camera may not be able to handle the task. This will result in MxCC hanging for a long time and then crashing. It is always recommended to define a direct recording path when possible.

Note: You will need to retrieve recording via camera when the storage medium is not a network device (Micro SD card, USB HDD etc.) or when using MxFFS Archive Storage.

2.6. Are you using the “Event Cache”? What is the size of the file “Alarms.db” located at %appdata%/Mobotix/MxControlCenter/EventCache ?

The “Alarms.db” gets loaded into the RAM when the MxCC starts. This file can grow up to several GB in the case of installations with many cameras and a huge File Server. If the RAM is not big enough the computer might take too long to load. This will often cause MxCC to crash.

2.7. Is there any antivirus software installed on the same PC?

If yes try to disable it. Often the antivirus prevent the MxCC from displaying the live images and/ or the recordings: it uses to much computing power to scan the streams that then cause MxCC to hang and crash. If disabling the antivirus corrects the issue, it may be enough to disable the scanning of network video streams in the antivirus software settings.

2.8. Have you tried to use a different (clean) computer?

If the problem is caused by a corrupted MxCC or by a fussy antivirus it should not show up in the new computer.

2.9. Does the crash occur regardless of which sequence you are trying to playback/export?

It’s extremely important that the cameras can store sequences without errors or delays. If the index file (.erdinfo) is corrupted the MxCC might fail to playback/ export the recordings.

2.10. Did the problem show up right during the first installation or only recently?

Did you installed new software/updates on the computer or other cameras on the network? If the issue appears recently then it is likely that something has changed. Usually this is caused by a new antivirus, an antivirus update, etc or if the Event Cache is enabled it’s because the Alarms.db grew too much.

2.11. Delete the lock-file called “fvunvvvvvtvvvfvvvtvvvvlvvv” (or something similar) in “%PROGRAMDATA%\boos t_interprocess\SelectLastBootUpTimefromWin32_OperatingSystem”

The file has been write protected or the user has no rights to access this file.

3. Additional Information required by MOBOTIX Technical Support

In the event that after completing the above troubleshooting process the issue needs to be escalated to MOBOTIX Technical Support, the information below will need to be supplied in addition to your findings from the questions above.

3.1. MxCC .ini file

The default path for the MxCC .ini file is usually Local Disk (C:) > Users > (User Name) > AppData > Roaming > MOBOTIX > MxControlCenter

3.2. MxCC error log

To activate MxControlCenter’s debug/error log, perform the following steps:

3.2.1. Make sure that MxControlCenter is not running on the system.

3.2.2. Depending on the Windows version in use, open the following folder:

– Windows XP: %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\MOBOTIX\MxControlCenter\ and create an empty file named MxControlCenter.log

– Windows Vista: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Mobotix\MxControlCenter\ and create an empty file named MxControlCenter.log

– Windows 7: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Mobotix\MxControlCenter\ and create an empty file named MxControlCenter.log

3.2.3. Start MxControlCenter and attempt to perform the steps needed to reproduce the error(s).

3.2.4. Let MxControlCenter run until the error or performance problem occurs, then quit MxControlCenter.

3.2.5. Once you are done with the MxControlCenter.log make sure to move or delete the file as this file can grow to a very large size and create a disk full situation.

3.3. Camera Reports from problematic cameras

The Camera Report can be generated via the camera’s web browser interface (Admin Menu > Download Support Information).

If you are unaware of how to extract any of the above information or reports, please contact MOBOTIX Support for guidance.

4. Conclusion

By following the course of action outlined in this document, the majority of issues regarding MxCC can be identified and rectified. It will also provide the required information to investigate the issue in depth, should it be referred to MOBOTIX Technical Support. More detailed the information you can provide, will result in the issue being addressed in an efficient manner.