What to do if MxManagementCenter does not run stable?

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In rare cases it might happen that MxManagementCenter will not start properly or it will crash while running.

For such cases, MxMC provides two start options: “Safe mode” and “Clean mode”.

  • Safe Mode
    No cameras will be displayed, but the configuration is kept.

Press and hold the SHIFT key while launching the application.

This method can be used, for instance, to remove a camera that makes MxMC unresponsive due to communication problems.

  • Clean Start
    Clean Start allows discarding the complete configuration and, if confirmed, MxMC will start like freshly installed. Please note that if this is confirmed, the former configuration will be lost therefore we recommend to create a backup before proceeding.

Press and hold the SHIFT + S + C + R keys while launching the application.

Please note that for security reasons, those shortcuts are only valid as long as there is no other account except the default admin account created.

  • MxManagementCenter 1.7 does not start on Windows 7
    In some installations of Windows 7, MxManagementCenter will not start after installation. Instead, an empty license dialog will be shown.
    The reason for this behaviour is an incompatibility between Windows 7 and the DLLs used by MxManagementCenter for the license server (e.g. for the PoS module).
    In this case, the DLLs FlxComm64.dll and FlxCore64.dll in the application directory need to be removed.
    Please note that by doing that, additional modules that require a license key will not run on a Windows 7 installation.

  • MxManagementCenter crashes after a while or closes itself directly after start
    Depending on the graphics driver, it is possible that MxManagementCenter will close directly after being launched or crashes after a while. In most cases the reason for this behaviour is an incompatibility between the graphics driver and OpenGL activated in the MxMC installation. To resolve this, start MxMC in “Safe Mode” as described above then go to File > Preferences > General > Graphics Mode and deactivate the OpenGL option:

    Please note that if OpenGL is disabled, MxManagementCenter will not be able to perform the dewarping (correction) of hemispheric lenses.

If none of the above solutions fixes the problem, please contact MOBOTIX support and attach the Service Report files from MxMC to your request.

If ManagementCenter crashes while searching for cameras (in the Welcome screen, when adding new cameras using the search function ‘Add Devices’) this can be caused by different reasons.

During this process ManagementCenter searches the network for additional devices using the Bonjour Service and since the version 2.0 also searches for ONVIF compatible devices.

If those services are blocked from the computer itself, from software (i.e. Firewall, Antivirus or Malware Software) or even from Network Security Rules this could lead to unexpected behavior or even cause the software to crash. Also devices that respond to the ONVIF protocol can also cause the same effects to ManagementCenter. This behavior can occur from network printers from different manufactures (i.e Toshiba, HP etc) or from WLAN cameras non compatible with ONVIF S.

In that case the following measures can be taken.

  • Deactivate all security Software from your computer. If the option is available, put ManagementCenter in the trusted software list.

  • Isolate the camera, computer (where ManagementCenter is installed) and other components (such as NAS or ThinClient) from the Network. In that way you wont have interference during the ‘Device Search’ from any ONVIF S equipment.

  • Install the 1.8. version of ManagementCenter. That version doenst do a ONVIF device search. After all the desired cameras are installed you can update to the latest version. As long as no other ‘Device Search’ is done the software wont crash again.

  • Bonjour or ONVIF search can also be deactivated permanently from the computer by doing the following changes in the Windows Registry. Open the Registry editor

Press WindowsKey+r and type regedit.

To switch off the Bonjour search:

In HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Mobotix/MxManagementCenter/preferences/network

Insert a new String Value, name it “enableZeroConfSearch” and set it to ‘false’.

To switch off the ONVIF search:

In HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Mobotix/MxManagementCenter/preferences/network

Insert a new String Value, name it “enableWebServiceDiscovery” and set it to ‘false’.

ManagementCenter uses Bonjour to search for MOBOTIX IoT cameras and ThinClients.
ONVIF is used to search for MOBOTIX MOVE cameras, for MxNAS and for ONVIF S compatible cameras from other manufacturers.
After switching off these services, the corresponding devices can no longer be found automatically, and they must be added manually in ManagementCenter.