MxManagementCenter Ports - Firewall Configuration


It is crucial to protect your system from the risk of internal or external attacks. A step to achieve this is to use firewalls, so that network traffic is prioritized. In a well implemented Security regime unnecessary ports will be closed, restricting traffic to the selected ports. As a result, it is imperative that it is known which ports are used by MxMC.

A list of the ports that can be used by the MxMC:

HTTP: 80/8080
SSL: 443
RTSP: 554
SMB: 445
Remote Control: 57536
MxMessage: 19800

Note: Not all ports are required in normal operation and here is a brief breakdown of the ports and their typical uses

HTTP: 80 / 8080
SSL: 443

HTTP and HTTPS are the ports used for communication between the cameras and MxMC. This includes viewing and playblack of the camera streams. One of the important features in a MOBOTIX IoT cameras and the MxMC, is the combining the image stream data and control signals in one package. this is known as the Eventstream. This means only one channel is used for the transmission of status messages or live streams. This greatly reduces communication load on the system.
As it stands from current security standards, the recommendation is to connect using HTTPS. The connection is then secure, as it is encrypted.

SMB: 445

This port is only required for the playback of recordings, if a direct file server path is defined in MxMC. By default, access to the recording via the camera takes place over the web server port and does not require SMB access. A direct file server path is recommend to optimize playback speeds (up to 60 times faster on a Gigabit Ethernet connection).

Special Ports (that are needed only when needed):

RTSP: 554

This Port will only be necessary when integrating MOBOTIX MOVE or ONVIF compatible cameras into the MxMC. This is not required for MOBOTIX IoT cameras, which will be using MxPEG

RemoteControl: 57536

This port is only necessary if the MxMC’s remote control feature is being used. This feature allows other applications and cameras to send HTTP commands to MxMC This port can be defined in MxMC’s preferences, however the default is 57536.

MxMessage: 19800

The MxMessage is an encrypted MOBOTIX protocol which can be used to inatiate many type of actions, local on a device or across the subnet. Two examples which pertain to MxMC are:

  • Controlling of the MOBOTIX thin clients

  • User can switch between different cameras and their views

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