MxMc installed on a computer with windows user sessions

When you are using MxMc in a computer with multiple users (sessions) you will have the below behaviour :

  • After switching the Windows user from a current user A to user B the MxMC session of the previous user A basically continues to work without changes, as if the old user would be still active.
  • So, every additional user and user switch leads to an ongoing unnecessary usage of the computer’s resources by a MxMC instance from the previous user, still running in the background

=> Given that, the rule and/or recommendation is clear:

Close the MxMC or at least minimize the application before switching to a new Windows user !

Behavior for minimized application:

  • If the MxMC is minimized all active tcp connections to cameras are automatically closed after a short while.
  • Direct file server connections and playback actions started for recordings on a file server, e.g. playback, are continued also in the minimized mode.