MxMC on iMac M1

MxMC answers with multiple error messages, no matter on vers 7 or 8.
States that camera SW is obsolete (what isn’t )
I double-checked all parameters and everything is OK.

Any suggestion ?

Thank you.


Hello Flavio,

can you provide some more details of your issue that we are able to help you?

In general we have install the MxMC on a M1 in the past and did not recognize a issue.

Thanks Jörg

Hi Jörg.

MxMC on a Ventura OS went fine, no audio though.

Now MxMC 2.8 on Sonoma cannot reach the Mobotix, full screen in live view and research mode. Because the side event list shows images correctly, sometimes .

Moreover, on same machine, I can have a complete view on Safari .

So in my opinion the only bottleneck is MxMC on Sonoma.

What’s your opinion ?

Thank you so much.

Dr. Flavio COLOMBO

MacBook Air
M1, 2020
Memory 16GB
MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1

Other issue.
MxMC 2.8 on iMac M1 doesn’t load at all.