M12 no cam in MxMC 2.8

The m12 is reachable in the Browser but not in the MxMC 2.8. The m12 has the newest firmware.
The smb1 is enabled.
Thanks for help

Now I have tried with an older Version of the MxMC - 2.51, but the camera is not connected.
Nobody an idea?

Mobotix and the MxMc are registered in the Windows Firewall and open.

Have you tried manually inserting the ip of the camera in MxMC?

Yes, I have tried with the assigned IP and with the factory IP, but no success.

This is strange. If it works in the browser there should not be any problem for the MxMC to connect to camera.
Is the camera on the same network? Are you using PC or MAC?

Yes, the same network (PC: W10,, - M12:,, FileServer:,

Now, I have deactivate the Windows defender and I get a cam in the MxMC. Thanks