MxMC Playback activate on a QNAP NAS

This article describes the application of storing MOVE and ONVIF cameras on a QNAP NAS and playing back the playback with the MxMC.

QNAP offers with their NAS devices based on the QTS operating system in combination with the QNAP QVR Pro Recording Software the possibility to record MOVE cameras or ONVIF cameras. Through a joint software project we are able to play back the recording with the MXMC.

In order to activate this software function, a corresponding licence must be activated in the QNAP NAS, which can be obtained from MOBOTIX AG.

Customers can then purchase channel licenses for the MOVE or ONVIF cameras according to the QNAP license model from QNAP to match their QVR PRO software.

The advantage is that the NAS hardware and the required recording software with the corresponding channel licences are obtained from QNAP sources.

The MOBOTIX cameras, the free MxMC and the necessary licences for third-party cameras will continue to be purchased from MOBOTIX. The new QNAP activation licence for MxMC playback access is obtained from MOBOTIX.


Installation steps:

  1. Activate MOBOTIX MxMC Playback license. (Attention: “Stop” QVR Pro if already installed).

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 06.57.40

  1. Install the following apps via the App Center:
  • Container Station Version 2.6.4 (or newer)
  • QVR Pro Version 2.4.1 (or newer) (Get from the QNAP APP Store)

  1. After installing the QVR Pro, the MOVE and ONVIF cameras must first be integrated in the MxMC before they are integrated in the QVR Pro.

  1. Add NAS to the MxMC