MxMC Version 2.8 - Thermal Dashboard ENG

The visualisation of temperature values is a field of application in many control rooms to prevent damage or disruption of process flows, which MOBOTIX as a system provider makes available with the new Thermal Dashboard function in the MxMC.

With the Thermal Dashboard, we are expanding the range of functions of the MxMC to include precisely this function of visualising recorded temperature data. This licence-based function can be upgraded in the MxMC if required. 30-day demo licences can be requested via

Info about the MxMC Thermal Dashboard licenses:

The Thermal Dashboard in the MOBOTIX MxMC complements the MOBOTIX Thermal Camera functions and has the application focus on:

  • Live monitoring and surveillance of temperature-critical processes
  • Subsequent analysis of the temperature profile
  • The following main features are available to the user
  • Display of temperature graphs in live mode and in playback mode
  • Playback navigation - double-click on the temperature graph to switch to the playback view at the selected time. In the playback view, the player jumps to the clicked points in time on the temperature graph.
  • Definition of several threshold values with visual alarm possible in case of exceeding and falling below. Including logging in the system log files.
  • Export of temperature data in CSV format with camera reference image and plot of the selected curve diagram.
  • Thermal graphs are displayed in a separate window
  • Free definition of the temperature lines to be displayed in the thermal graph.
  • Free display options - legend can be blended in, free choice of line colour and label.

Example with 4 thermal cameras:

  • M15 Thermal with spotmeter (requires Periodic Event)
  • M16 Thermal with spotmeter
  • M73 VGA with various radiometry events
  • S74 CIF with various radiometry events

Example with 20 Thermal Graphs:

Example with 40 Thermal Graphs:

Memory and CPU utilisation with 40 thermal graphs:

Thermal Dashboard is recommend for up to 16 Thermal Graphs (with a 24" Monitor 1920x1080) but more are possible. There is no limitation based on the Software itself increasing the amount of Graphs from Thermal cameras need to be consider the ability of the physical limitation of the Screen Resolution and the PC Performance of the MxMC Workstation.

In direct comparison to the MOBOTIX HUB Thermal Dashboard, the following functions are not included in the MxMC Dashboard:

  • No Thermal Spot Area - Visualisation of the image area in which the temperature was detected.
  • No Dual Image Support - Better mapping on the “normal eye” by mirroring the marked area of the detected temperature from the “thermal eye”. (slight deviations are due to the different focal lengths of the system).

The customer can set up a multi-stage thermal monitoring system with the MOBOTIX system. The first step is the evaluation of thermal events / thresholds in the camera that are embedded in the fire system for predefined actions such as alarming, emergency shutdown or VDS conformity.

These camera settings and defined thresholds in the camera configuration are not changed by the MxMC Thermal Dashboard. In the second step, the MOBOTIX MxMC visualises the temperature data of the MOBOTIX Thermal Cameras in the image stream on the one hand, and NEW also draws the corresponding temperature graphs in a separate window.

The user is provided with an extra dashboard in the MOBOTIX MxMC with visualisation of critical temperature curves in parallel to the camera layout with the video data. In the dashboard, user-specific thresholds can be set, which can display a coloured frame around the corresponding temperature graph when a temperature value is exceeded or not reached. These user thresholds are independent of the fixed thresholds in the camera and thus ensure that a user can NOT unknowingly change the fixed and, if applicable, VDS-compliant camera setup.

The user now has the possibility to permanently control the temperature course. This offers the following advantages, among others:

  • Take measures before a critical temperature is reached, which can lead to firmly defined and irrevocable actions such as triggering the extinguishing system and thus to massive effects on the process sequence in operation. User threshold values are helpful here, which are typically defined below the critical thresholds that the user can possibly throttle or shut down machines before something worse happens.
  • Determination and research of emergency shutdowns or alarming afterwards is possible with the playback function in order to avoid future failures such as emergency shutdowns by taking appropriate measures.

The Thermal Dashboard is completely embedded in the MOBOTIX MxMC and has the following features that are particularly worth mentioning:

  • Free graph design - individual combination of thermal graphs from different cameras

  • Display of temperature curves of the thermal measurement windows and thermal spot of MOBOTIX cameras (Thermal TR camera models support up to 20 measurement windows per camera)

  • Free selection of which temperature curves can be displayed

  • User-specific thresholds per thermal graph element (20 thresholds per thermal graph possible)
    • Detection of exceeding thresholds

    • Detection of falling below thresholds

  • Logging of threshold events

  • Support of MOBOTIX dual cameras (one thermal sensor and one CMOS sensor)

  • Temperature value display in live/playback image or as mouse over in temperature graph

  • Playback synchronisation between video recording and thermal graphs

  • Full playback control over the thermal graphs (clicking in the graph positions the recording at the desired point in time).

  • Export Per Graph provides:

  • CSV file with the temperature values of the selected Thermal Graph.

  • Temperature graph progression

  • Snapshot of the current camera image as reference image

Settings of the MxMC Thermal Dashboard:

Important: is required to activate the MxMC Thermal Dashboard license before!

Supported MOBOTIX IOT Thermal Cameras:

  • P7 Thermal cameras with latest Software Version like the the M73, S74.
  • P6 Thermal cameras with latest Software Version like the the M16, S16.
  • P3 Thermal cameras, to get thermal data , the camera must generate periodic Events to get the data.

It will support Thermal and Thermal Radiometry cameras. For P6 and P7 Cameras require the follow setting to get Thermal Data in the camera setup → JPEG settings:

Note: If you don´t have this “JPEG Comment Interval” setting in your camera, because your firmware is too old or the camera not support this setting. The default interval is every 10 seconds. If you need a faster interval lease define a periodic event in the camera to do so for example every second a periodic interval.