Old files are not deleted

Hello. I have problems with many video cameras.
All video cameras are set to record for a period of 31 days. The problem is that I have recordings on the server for almost 7 months.
The video cameras are set to record on a windows server in SMB/VIFS File Server format.
I sent all the logs to Mobotix technical support and they say that everything is ok, but still the old files are not deleted.
I need some advice, maybe someone has experienced this before

Hello Cristi!
Are you using Mobotix 6 or 7 series camera?
If I remember correctly on 6 series the time period will not delete files. It will only disable access to them. Camera will start deleting files only when capacity limit is reached.
On 7 series you can enable the “Old Data Removal” option.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the original post. I figured this was the case for the x6 cameras through my experience. But it is nice to see validation of what I believed to be true from my experience. And I didn’t know about the change to the 7x series cameras. That is good to know. Thanks!