Possible bug of camera software MX-V4.7.2.18?

Hi all,
after updating several S15D-Sec to the latest software version (V4.7.2.18) I encountered that the information shown by “camera status” actually differs from the “admin menu” (yes-also after rebooting):
In “admin-menu” there is Flash-Medium+ServerMxFFS configured but “camera-status” states that I’m using the server (see reference to server in Flash-Medium section), also see attached screenshots. Usually there should be information about the SDcard in Flash-Medium section like SDcard-wear.
Question: Does the camera still save the data on SDcard and on the server, or does it only use the server?
My workaround so far was to format the SDcard and then re-establish again the previous kind of setup. Unfortunately this was successful only for one camera. For me it is crucial to save the data at two separate locations: in camera on SDcard AND on server.