Push Notification - Important camera security update required

Subject: Important security update required for MOBOTIX cameras

Dear MOBOTIX partners and customers,
We would like to inform you that MOBOTIX camera owners who use the MOBOTIX LIVE app and would like to be informed via push notification on their mobile device when a doorbell or alarm is received require an important security update for the camera firmware currently in use.

This update will be available for download free of charge for all affected camera models on our website from 17 June 2024 (or earlier).

Affected camera models are the cameras with the following firmware:

  • MOBOTIX P3 cameras x14/x24/x15/x25, T24M/T25M with version and lower.
  • MOBOTIX Mx6 cameras x16/x26 with version and lower.
  • MOBOTIX 7 cameras x73/S74 with version and lower.

The background to this measure is a change in Google’s push notification service, which includes new security regulations from 21 June 2024. Without the MOBOTIX firmware update, push notifications will no longer be sent from this date.

Please ensure that you carry out the update promptly to guarantee the full functionality of your MOBOTIX devices.

An update of the MOBOTIX LIVE APP is NOT mandatory, but recommended. We will provide a version 2.7 for IOS and Android with the following adjustments:

  • The reference in the MOBOTIX Live app to the minimum camera software will be adjusted
  • For Android devices only, an additional fix will be offered for the notification sound of a push message.

Yours sincerely,