Q71 Mounting Options

The Q71 has connectors on the base protruding out.
How are we supposed to mount this camera to standard 1 Gang or 2 Gang back boxes?
How are we supposed to mount this camera hanging on a pole?

The wall mount bracket that is one of the available accessories does not work for any of these options.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you use Mx-M-WM-DQ and MX-OPT-MH you should be able to mount it on pole.

For 1 gang back box, you should align connectors with the box and only then mark, where mounting holes should be.


Thank you for the prompt response. Maybe I wasn’t clear in my question. For the ceiling pole mount I need to be able to use something like this:

The Mx-M-WM-DQ and MX-OPT-MH is not the solution we are looking for.

For the Wall Mount I understand the connector will go in the gang box as shown in the picture but then you are saying we have to drill four holes to mount the camera? We need to be able to use the holes on the single or double gang back as there is porcelain or ceramic tile on the wall.

We need a back plate that can use the existing holes on the gang box for mounting like the picture shown in the post above.

We have ordered 35 of the Q71s so there will need to be an alternate solution to the Mx-M-WM-DQ and MX-OPT-MH.

KV Swami

Ah, i see.

If you want to stay within Mobotix mounting options, then you can use Mx-M-OW-DQ to use as adapter and cable management box with combination of MX-MT-TUBE and MX-MT-TUBE100/MX-MT-TUBE200.

As for gang box mount, Mx-M-OW-DQ could also work, provided you are wiling to make holes you need to fit with box screws.

There’s nothing better that i can think of if we use current portfolio.

Thank you. Can you please send me the specification sheet for the Mx-M-OW-DQ and MX-MT-TUBE please as I am not able to find it on the website?

Tube mount:

Drill template for Mx-M-OW-DQ is noted in manual of q71 on page 13.