Send message event (IP Notify) to Cam with Javascript

Hello everyone,

I am trying to send a TCP Message to the Mobotix Cam, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Here is what I configured:

And this is my script:

var net = require('net');

var HOST = '';
var PORT = 8000;

var client = new net.Socket();
client.connect(PORT, HOST, function() {

    console.log('CONNECTED TO: ' + HOST + ':' + PORT);
    // Write a message to the socket as soon as the client is connected, the server will receive it as message from the client 


// Add a 'data' event handler for the client socket
// data is what the server sent to this socket
client.on('data', function(data) {
    console.log('DATA: ' + data);
    // Close the client socket completely

// Add a 'close' event handler for the client socket
client.on('close', function() {
    console.log('Connection closed');

Log of the script just says it’s connected:

17:39:50.100	info	javascript.0 (2920) Start javascript script.js.common.Tests.Skript_5
17:39:50.106	info	javascript.0 (2920) script.js.common.Tests.Skript_5: registered 0 subscriptions and 0 schedules
17:39:50.108	info	javascript.0 (2920) script.js.common.Tests.Skript_5: CONNECTED TO:
17:39:50.109	info	javascript.0 (2920) script.js.common.Tests.Skript_5: Done
17:39:52.828	info	javascript.0 (2920) Stop script script.js.common.Tests.Skript_5

But the event isn’t triggered in the cam.

When I host a TCP server and send messages from the Cam to the server I get the message.

But I want to sent a TCP message to the cam.

Reason is, that I don’t want to use the HTTP API to trigger an event in the cam, since I need to write the admin password of the cam in the script.
So I wanted the cam to hear at messages and send just this message to the cam to trigger an event.

Any idea how to solve?