API for MOBOTIX P7 platform

The MOBOTIX P7 platform also makes use of APIs to perform actions independently of the web GUI.
The syntax is, however, a little different from the previous platform, and in this article we will see how a string can be used to solve a concrete example: enabling a logo.

We will make use of such a string to create an IP notification that suits the case.

Important Note: Warning! The following operations are to be considered “for experts”, otherwise the risk is to render the cam unusable!

The options relating to the logo can be found (visible by referring to Admin menu >> Show Current Configuration) in the “logolist” section and it is to that section that we will head from the page:

As shown below, we go to the “logolist” section from which we can see that the “display” option is set to false.
If we want to enable the logo, we will have to set it to true using a JSON format.

And here is what the IP notification to be configured should be:

Destination address → camera IP and port
string indicated in “CGI path:” → ./api/json/config/camera/logolist/display