Move Remote Access configuration

A MOVE camera is not based on MOBOTIX’s own streaming protocol event stream but uses the ONVIF S supported RTP / RTSP (Real-Time Transport Protocol) method which is also used by portals like You Tube or TV on demand.

In contrast to the MOBOTIX procedure (event stream), communication takes place with the RTP / RTSP (control signal) separately from the actual video signal. In a local area network (e.g., home private installation), communication between the MxMC and the cameras goes unnoticed by the user through various channels (ports) and the live image appears in the MxMC.

In the case that access to the camera via internet takes place (remote access), the “local” router must be set up with the required port forwarding - as with the port forwarding of a classic MOBOTIX IoT camera, this also has to be done for the MOVE camera.

By accessing the camera via a browser, the port redirection can be tested to rule out possible misconfigurations in the router configuration.
In the MxMC, the communication method in the connection settings for the MOVE camera must be changed to "RTP / RTSP via HTTP".
In this connection mode, the MxMC requires the different communication channels of the MOVE camera via the HTTP protocol (bundled / tunnelled).