Working with System Messages

System Messages give an overview of the operation of the camera including many of the actions performed and any errors that have occurred. They can be found in the camera admin menu at Admin Menu > System Information > System Message.


Note that the most recent messages will be found at the bottom of the message list, so it often is necessary to move to the end of the list in order to troubleshoot any recent issues.

The messages are sorted based on the functional nature (Service) and then further color coded to indicate the type of message.

The color codes have the following meanings:


The Services that create the messages are as follows:


One question that is often asked is: what are all these deleted messages and how does the camera decide which ones to delete?

The explanation requires a bit of understanding of how the messages are stored. The camera stores the system messages in a buffer that is composed of many ring buffers. Each of the Services in the list above has two ring buffers each. One is for Errors (Critical, Errors, and Warnings) and the other for Success messages (Success and Status).
Each buffer may contain 10 messages each. Once that limit is reached for any given ring buffer the oldest messages are overwritten first. When this occurs, they will be replaced by the deleted message notices.

If there is ever a concern that a relevant error message might not be appearing, please remember that at the bottom of the system message page you should have at least 10 entries for any repeated error messages that might be leading to deleted messages. If there is ever any doubt, please send a camera report (Admin Menu > System Information > Download Support Information) and send it and we can investigate any reasons for concern.

Finally at the bottom of the system message page there are links allowing you to…

  1. View the message in text format: The color coding will be replaced with a letter code


  1. Download the message to a text file
  2. Delete all messages – use this with caution as it is non-reversible but can be performed to make the page easier to read.

You can also use Error Notification to have the most recent System Messages sent to you in case of any problems with the camera. This can be configured in Admin Menu > System Information > Error Notification