Thermal Validation App profile is labeled Object 1 is invalid

I have an M73 with the Thermal Validation app installed on it and when I setup a profile for the app I get the following

Is there anything I need to change or check in terms of settings in order to fix this or is something else the issue?

Dear Ssherwin,

what you see here shows exactly the correct behavior of the app. The app has various algorithms to exclude “false heat sources”. Two filters are met temperature rise and that the heat source is not moving, such as a vehicle.
The third,is that the heat source must grow in size, which makes sense. if it does not grow, it is not a risk for my environment.

If your heat source had grown by 4 pixels (Value just in your szenario), you would have an alarm, then the last filter would also be deactivated and Object 1 would be valid (Alarm)

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