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About Tiger
Powered by Tiger Technology, our team of around 60 dedicated professionals brings over 19 years of storage expertise and a true passion for developing high-performance storage solutions for the most demanding workflows.

Our on-premises-first hybrid technology journey began back in 2017 when partner IBM was looking to enable one of the largest airports in the world to scale their video surveillance operations to multiple petabytes of data. IBM turned to our first-rate engineering team for help in addressing compatibility with cloud storage.

This set us on a path toward building our hybrid cloud data management solution now known as Surveillance Bridge.

We help many customers solve their dilemma with hybrid workflows, focussing on an efficient and uninterrupted combination of on-premises and cloud storage.

Tiger has transitioned to Tiger Surveillance
Tiger Surveillance is a software development company specializing in on-premises-first data management and protection for video surveillance workflows. Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, the company is powered by Tiger Technology, an established technology provider of storage, data, user, and media management solutions. The Tiger Surveillance portfolio includes solutions designed to extend and protect storage infrastructure on premises or in any cloud tier. For more information, please visit:

Tiger Plug In support the MOBOTIX HUB

Tiger is ein Technologie Partner von MOBOTIX

Test Feedback from our Expert:

We have tested the Tiger Plug In with a AWS Cloud Storage account. To get a free AWS test account follow the link:

The recordings are initially stored in a kind of cache in the cloud after a time X that I can configure and can be viewed directly.
After a time X that I can configure, the data is pushed into an archive and viewing by the DeskClient is not possible directly.
I have to request the data first, either in the cloud cache, then I can view them from the cloud, or I upload them to my recording server (locally), then they are no longer available in the cloud for the time being, but they are uploaded again after X amount of time.

I can move the data back and forth at any time through tasks.
Cache → Archive ← Cache etc.

E-Campus Internal Online Training for MOBOTIX Staff available:


System Requirements:

Plan for a min 3-4 days of local storage retention. This will be used for caching most recent camera data, as well as act as buffer should you ever run into a problem with the internet upload speed. This buffer will dictate the amount of time you have to identify and solve potential issues. In addition, and while stub files are zero byte in size, they nevertheless require an entry in the file system. When looking at long term retentions, keep in mind that every 1 million files will take 100MB of local disk space.

You can anticipate Bridge taking ~20% of the CPU during initial indexing of the file system (each time the drivers are started), then drops to ~5% during normal operations. Memory footprint is typically not an issue.

Network and cloud:

  • Internet upload speed is at least 25% more than your total camera ingests to disk.

  • One cloud bucket/container has been created for each of the Recording Servers

    • Recording Servers should have FULL Read/Write AND Delete capabilities on the objects.
  • Recording Servers should have:

    • Access to https://saas.tiger-technology.com
    • Access to the cloud bucket endpoint
    • Ports 443 open to the outside world
    • Ports 8536 and 8537 open to the Management Server
    • Special configuration is required if there is a proxy server when accessing the internet

To download Storage Bridge, please visit the licensing server:

  • https://license.tiger-technology.com
    Example for User Credentials (needs to be requested by Tiger)
    • Username: [SBX_John.Do@gmail.com]
    • Password: AdFeGaXiv6
    • Expires: 45 days
    • Activation: 3 servers/unlimited

IMPORTANT : Mark your calendar! Storage Bridge will STOP replicating new camera data to the cloud when your trial expires (recordings already in the cloud will remain available). If your local volume is not large enough to hold all the camera data for the retention period set in MOBOTIX HUB, you will be at risk of losing some recordings. Contact us if you need a trial extension.

Follow the instructions outlined in the attached Quick Start Guide. If you would like to start on a small scale, you can create a new Recording Location and assign only a few cameras to that location. Storage Bridge makes it easy to configure every recording location independently from each other’s.

Installation Guide from Tiger:
Link to the Surveillance Bridge Plug-in Quick Start Guide:

Link to the Best Practice Articel with the Do´s and Dont´s:

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This plug in is A+ and you can use it with all HUB licenses