Troubleshooting: MOBOTIX HUB DeskClient can not connect to MOBOTIX HUB ManagementServer

In some network environments, MxHub DeskClient may not be able to connect directly to the ManagementServer.
In this case, you may receive a message telling you to check the server address.
This is often the case in a routed network or when the DeskClient and the ManagementServer are separated by VLANs.
Or maybe you get get message you can not log in according to your permissions.

In this case there are several troubleshooting steps that can be performed.

1. Is the ManagementServer reachable via PING?

  • Perform a PING test and see if the ManagementServer is IP-based reachable from your client PC.


2. Check if the required ports are open

Note: Maybe you have to install Telnet Client at your Windows PC first!

  • Check the following Ports via telnet
    Management server : 80, 443, 22331
    Recording server : 7563

telnet ip-adresse-managementserver Port


You should get an empty field when Port is Open and reachable

Otherwise you will receive an error message and should check if your firewall blocks the needed ports.
Open it in your firewall and check the incoming firewall rules in Windows

3. Add the ManagementServer IP and FQDN in the hostfile of your Client PC

Move to the following location on your Windows PC.


You’ll find the file called “hosts” (select to display all file types)

In here, type on the last line the IP and FQDN of the management server.

Save the file and try login in the client again.

Open the file “hosts” via Notepad+


4. Check if your User have the right permissions

ManagementClient → Choose the Role in which you have added your User and Check the following point