Windows Storage Server

Typically, the recording server is purely for recording and the visualisation takes place on a separate PC. This increases the overall stability of the system and prevents any user actions from interfering with the recording server and causing unwanted loss of recordings.
In smaller installations, it may be necessary for budget reasons to remove the user/server separation and run everything on one machine. This article shows the installation of an MXMC VM client on a Windows Storage Server 2012.
ATTENTION: In the MxMC software test phase of MOBOTIX Quality Assurance, only the typical Windows versions used on PC/workstation are explicitly tested. Server versions are not included.

For admins who find themselves in such a special case, this article should be helpful!

Version: Windows Server 2012 R2- Standart Build 9600
MxMC Version: 2.5.1

_2021_08_18_MxMC+MsWindowsStorageServer2012_R2_Standart_Build9600[32] - Read-Only.pdf (5.7 MB)