How to retrieve the support files aka dump files

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The camera report or dump is a set of files which can be used by MOBOTIX support to troubleshoot issues. It includes all the different logs available for system administrators in the camera , image samples and internal logs which can help diagnose problems.

How to retrieve the support files or dump

P3 (x4, x5 series) and Mx6 series

Step 1. Access the camera web browser interface

Step 2. Click in the Admin Menu soft button, it will open the Admin page.


Step 3. Click on Download Suport Information, it will open a new page.

Step 4. Check all the boxes and click Download

Step 5. A new download will be prompted, save the file.

The file should have an .eml extension. In some cases the browser will append additional extensions. In this case Safari appended .txt.

Remove this additional extension and send the file to support along with a detailed description of the problem.

In P2 cameras ( M12, D12, M22, Q22 ) and cameras running software versions earlier than

Software versions prior to do not have the Download Support Information link under the Admin menu.
The Download Support Information dialog can be accessed with the following command using a web browser.



Then follow Steps 4 and 5.