Action Group with delay

Apologies for posting in the wrong section but I don’t seem to be able to post to the correct one.

I am attempting to setup an action group to do the following:

  • User presses a button hooked up to a MX-232-IO-Box USB
  • Audio file plays
  • When audio file finishes playing an FTP profile is called to save the current image somewhere

However, I’ve setup a sequential action group and the two actions (audio file playing and FTP transfer) occur at the same time instead of one after another.

I’ve played around with various ways to setup a delay, ie input triggers calling eachother and that sort of thing but have not found a reliable way to make these actions occur in the right order and timing.

Does anyone have some way I can go about this - without setting up a 3rd party remote script for a network IO trigger just to introduce a couple of second delay.

I am not sure it will be easiest way, but it should work. Before camera plays audio file, camera should send a message to itself (it could be mxMessage or simple raw Tcp IP message (IPnotify)). Basically, when button has been pressed, 1. camera sends message, 2. plays audio.
Create message event.
Create Event logic event A>!B (A is message event from previous step, B is event which will never happen (it could be some other message event or even signal input 2 from Rs232 box, if it is free)). Set max. delay time to time, what delay you need.
Create one more action group, where this event logic event will activate your FTP profile :wink:

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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