How to use the light button of the MX applications to perform a custom action


The following procedure allows the usage of the Light Button of the MX applications such as MxApp, MxEasy, MxCC and Web GUI to open a second door. The same principle can be applied to perform any custom actions.
In order to reach our goal we need to “fool” the camera by letting it believe that there is an I/O external device connected to it. We will use the status of a fake Signal Output to trigger an Action Group profile which includes all the actions we want to perform.


Step 1. Open the browser and type the camera’s IP address. Click on Admin Menu >> Hardware Configuration >> Manage Hardware Expansions and Press “Connect” on MX-232-IO-BOX USB

The status of the MX-232-IO-BOX USB will change and the radio button will turn green.

Note: there is no real MX-232-IO-BOX USB connected to the camera! This step will allow us to use a fake Signal Output to trigger the action group.

Alternative: If the “Connect” button on MX-232-IO-BOX USB is not available (because already in use), it’s possible to click on the “Connect” button of the ExtIO. In that case you have to type the IP address in the IP filed of the ExtIO (Ethernet) option. Press “Connect” to apply the changes.

The status of the ExtIO will change as shown in the picture below:

Step 2. Go to Admin Menu >> Hardware Configuration >> Assign Wires. Select the Signal Outputs for the Door Release Actuator, Lights and Internal Lights as shown in the picture below:

Step 3. Go to Admin Menu >> Hardware Configuration >> Signal Out Profiles.

  1. click on the “Add new profile” button to add a Signal Out Profile
  2. Specify “LightButton Door2” as name of the profile
  3. Select the device -> IO Module: ext. Lights
  4. Select “On on alarm with timer“” as a Signal Output Mode
  5. Select the desired duration -> 3 seconds
  6. Press Set to apply the changes

Step 4. Go to Setup Menu >> Event Overview and click on the “Edit” button within the Signal Event section.

  1. Click on the “Add new profile” button to create a new Signal Event
  2. Type “LightButtonDoor2” as profile Name
  3. Select Signal Output as a Sensor Type
  4. Select „Device Out: ~LightToggle“ from the “Signal Output Pin” drop down menu
  5. Select “Change (Rising or Falling)” from the “Trigger Condition” drop down menu
  6. Press Set to apply the changes

Step 5. Go to Setup Menu >> Action Group Overview and press the “Add new group” button. A new profile will be added at the bottom of the list. Give it a name (e.g. “LightButton”) and click on the “Edit” button next to it.

  1. Select “Signal: LightButtonDoor2” from the “Event Selection” box.
  2. Select the “Action Chaining” method you prefer in order to execute the actions

  1. Press the “Add new action” button to add „Signal Out: LightButton Door2“ as action type.
  2. Press Set to apply the changes and Store to save the configuration

From now on we can use the Light Button in MxApp, MxEasy, MxCC and with the Web GUI to open a second Door. With MxCC and the Web GUI to use the Light Button the connected device must be a Door Station (T24/25 and S14/S15)

Note: When we tap on Open door in the MxApp a PopUp will appear asking for confirmation.

When the Light Button is pressed there is no Popup and the Action Group will be instantly triggered.

Hi there,

The problem here is that pressing the Light button in the T25 will also trigger the action,which can be a problem if this is granting access to a property. This will not be an issue with any other model.

May I suggest a different approach, which doesn´t really solve the issue of the physical button, but does deal with the behaviour of the light profile in a simpler way. Assign the real output to Lights and set the Switch Time to 1 sec, then create an otput event upon ~LightToggle and then trigger action ~LightTimer to follow it. This will close the contact betwen 2 and 3 secs and the Light icon will go back to off status every time.

Any ideas on how to stop the light button on the T25 from triggering the ~LightToggle profile will be welcome.