Add RTSP camera to Mobotix Cloud

If you have a camera that does not support ONVIF-S but provides an RTSP stream, you can add it to the Mobotix Cloud via RTSP stream.

The following boundary conditions must be given by the camera:
H.264 stream
MJPEG Stream

If this is given, you have to add the stream URL to the cloud.

As an example, this was done with a Mobotix M16 camera (firmware:

The streams for this are

  1. Activate RTP server in the camera and configure stream

  2. Now go to the Mobotix Cloud in the dashboard and click on the orange plus icon to add an RTSP camera manually

  3. Now a window appears in which you have to enter the data of the camera:
    The H.264 stream is needed for the recording and the MJPEG stream as preview stream
    RTSP Einbidnung EN

Now click Add Camera and the camera will appear in your camera list.

Hi. Does anybody tried setup RTSP with audio? Via VLC testing i can hear audio, but not via Cloud.

If the “Plus” Symbol not appear as described , you need to enable in the Cloud Settings under the Tab “Camera” the RTSP Mode.