Adjusting the focus on MOBOTIX dome cameras

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Note: this post applies to D1x, D2x and v2x camera series.

Due to the lens effect of the dome, the focus of the 135 mm telephoto lens shifts slightly once the dome has been mounted.

Before mounting the dome, rotate the telephoto lens by about 90° in a counterclockwise direction (against the direction in which the lens is screwed).

Make sure that you check the focus of the live image with the dome installed and readjust the lens, if required. 1. Remove the camera dome
2. Adjust the focus by loosening or tightening the lens into the camera body till the image is perfectly sharp
3. Rotate the lens 90° counterclockwise
4. Insert the dome

Please note that a horizontal alignment of the lenses is not recommended due to the image distortion caused by the different thickness at the base of the dome. Blurs caused by a horizontal alignment of the lenses can not be compensated.

Watch the full tutorial: