How to focus a MOBOTIX lens

Note: The procedure described below is only necessary if the lens has been installed for the first time or exchanged.

In cameras with an MX-B016 (“Hemispheric”) lens, the lens has been focused at the factory.

  1. Remove the lens cover (this accessory may vary depending on the camera model)
  2. Check the live image from the camera in the browser.
  3. Carefully turn the lens in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction using the red lens wrench until the the image is perfectly sharp.
  4. Re-insert the lens cover when done.

Additional info:

MOBOTIX cameras feature a very handy software tool called Focusing Aid.
The focusing aid provides a visual aid when setting the image sharpness of a MOBOTIX camera lens.

This feature provides a visual aid for properly setting the focus of a MOBOTIX camera lens.

To activate the focusing aid, access the camera Web GUI, select the Focusing Aid Quick Control from the central drop-down menu on top of the image and set the value to Enabled

The focusing aid will be displayed in the live window. The camera displays a rectangle with a white and black border. This is the image area used by the camera to determine the best focus of the lens (focusing window). The focusing window can be tuned to the area to be focused by using Shift-Click.

In addition, the camera shows a green bar. This bar shows the best focus value obtained in the focusing window so far. When changing the focus of the lens, the green bar grows as the focus improves. If the focus decreases again, a red bar appears.

The focus of the lens is set to the best value if the red bar covers as little as possible of the green bar or disappears at all.

Once the focus is adjusted properly, deactivate the focusing aid again (Focusing Aid quick control, Disabled value).


• Under some circumstances it is not possible to make the red bar vanish completely. The focus of the lens is nevertheless set to the best value if the red bar covers as little of the green bar as possible.
• For best results, make sure that you use the Full Image display mode and High image quality!
• In addition to the visual focusing aid, you can activate the audio output: The pitch of the tone corresponds to the level of sharpness. This can help to focus the lens without having to see the camera image.


For better results, you should setup first in the quick menu bar of the live picture the sharpness to 0, the quality to normal and the resolution to VGA. When you find the sub-optimum, move on to the higher resolution like HD and do the fine tuning. When done enable the high quality and the default sharpness to 4 again.


Dual Domes (D15/D16) can produce out of focus images if the lens is directed toward the the area where the dome meets the actual camera body. Please be aware of this limitation towards the mount position of lenses in this type of camera: