Bridge installation in 19" cabinets - note heat dissipation

The Bridge 304 is a passively cooled unit that operates without a fan and relies on cooling from the ambient air.
**Like every standard Mini PC on the market, the Bridge is approved for temperatures up to 35°C according to the data sheet.

In installations in 19" cabinets, care should therefore be taken to avoid so-called "hot spots ". These often occur between two deep 19" devices and do not allow “cool” air circulation around passively cooled devices such as Mini PCs or the MOBOTIX Bridge.

For this purpose, all well-known 19" cabinet manufacturers such as Rittal offer so-called insertion fans in different variations that provide controlled heat dissipation.

The bridge should only be placed on shelves and not misuse the 19" servers underneath as mounting space.

Shelves are available as accessories or directly from the cabinet manufacturer, e.g. Rittal:

Basically, the following things must be observed when setting up the Bridge:

  • Place all units on a stable, level and vibration-free base and only operate them on such a base.
    operate them only on such a surface to avoid malfunctions of the PC.
  • Keep your PC and all connected devices away from moisture and
    avoid dust, heat and direct sunlight. This will prevent
    avoid malfunctions or damage to the PC.
  • The unit has passive cooling, please leave enough space on all sides (min. 15 cm to the side and min. 30 cm to the top) for air convection, do not stack the units and mount the power supply unit with some distance to the unit in order not to obstruct the air flow.

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