Bug report for Mx-VD1A-4-IR with firmware mb20190711RP and Genetec 5.7 SR4 (5.7.946.15)

I’am not sure where in can post a bug report… nevertheless: I try it here.

I recently installed the last firmware mb20190711RP on a Mx-VD1A-4-IR Mobotix cam.
After that, I can’t see the camera direct video within Genetec Software.
When I try directly on the camera throught a web Brower, I get the direct camera image, meaning that the camera is ok, but nothing in Genetec just à black screen.
I’ve been back to the old camera firmware mb20181025RP and got the situation Ok : The camera direct video is available within Genetec software !

Is there a mistake with this newest Firmware ?

Answer will be appreciated.