Can only open MxManagement when RUN AS ADMIN

Yesterday I was pushing shortcut combinations on the keyboard, and one of them seemed to have closed the management software and would not let me re open it. I rebooted numerous times of course but that did not help. Finally I was able to open the software by right clicking it and selecting run as admin. This is not a good solution as not tech saavy users will be operating the security software.

How can I restore the software to open without being run as admin?

MxManagement Center Keyboard Shortcuts - ManagementCenter / MxMC - Best Practice - MOBOTIX Community

which shortcut are you referring to? I have seen the list, but none of those shortcuts seems to be directly related to the question.

If the issues is that you are not able to open unless you use admin mode. than i suggest running Combability mode and see if it opens up.

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oh ok great, Thank you!