Commend Interface to MOBOTIX HUB - Eng

Commend interface to MOBOTIX HUB - Commend’s interface provides full Intercom integration into the MOBOTIX HUB VMS.

Generic events allow you to trigger actions in the MOBOTIX HUB event server by sending simple commands via the IP network. The MOBOTIX HUB server is able to analyse received TCP data packets and automatically trigger predefined alarms, e.g. when a call is initiated in the Intercom system.

Commend’s 16 kHz audio standard transmits voice communication, emergency calls and especially music with previously (literally) unheard-of clarity. At the same time, the IP Intercom Servers double as PA servers to enable the combination of public address and Intercom on a single platform.

Integration is absolutely simple – the system only needs connection to the network and licence activation. For this, neither third-party software nor extra Commend hardware is required. Thanks to its fully IP-based architecture, the interface runs directly on the Intercom Server.

Key features

  • Trigger actions with generic events
  • Event-based video recording in excellent quality
  • Priority-based call queuing for audio and video
  • 100% IP-based – no need for extra cabling
  • Supported by GE 800, GE 300, IS 300 and VirtuoSIS

What is needed to use the plugin in MOBOTIX HUB?

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 07.14.29

  • HUB L3, L4 or L5


  • Intercom Server: GE 800, GE 300, IS 300 or VirtuoSIS
  • Feature licence: Lx-PRO3U
  • Intercom Server software: min. PRO 800 3.1
  • Configuration software: min. CCT 800 3.1
  • Interface licence: L-IF-MILEST 1)
  • IP interface card: G8-IF / G3-IF/SIS-IF or GEP 1)

How it works

What does Commend do is shown in the Video!

Snapshot of the main keypoints how it works:



Installation Guideline:

PM-MOBOTIX-HUB-Interface-EN-V20-0219.pdf (1.9 MB)