Connect/encrypt media converter Mx-ETP1A-2601-SET

As a replacement to the Mx2Wire we now offer the new Mx-ETP1A-2601-SET. All sets come with a factory default encryption key that will allow the connection of a single set straight out of the box. When using several sets together in close proximity it will be necessary to set up new encryption keys to avoid cross talk between sets.

To connect a media converter set so that the connection is encrypted, please proceed as follows:

Connect the set using a 2-wire cable according to the instructions and apply voltage to the set via a PoE injector.

Then press the “Join button” on both devices for about 15 seconds until the power LED goes out briefly. It is not important which one is done first.

Now only the power LED and PoE on LEDS are on on both devices.

Then hold down the Join button on both devices for approx. 2 seconds so that the Join Link LED flashes on each device. Again the order is not important.

After about 10 seconds the devices should then “marry”/connect to each other via encryption.