D14/15/16 Anti-reflection funnels

On some installations glares and reflections might appear in the image of dome cameras. This is dependent upon the positioning and the view of the camera. To counter this, “Funnels” have been developed to minimize reflections in dual dome cameras D14/15/16.

If you have already installed one of the following models (D14/15/16) and you notice that problem please contact your Distributor. Your Distributor will then get in contact with us and forward your request. It will then be assessed by the Support Team. It is Important is to attach some pictures or screenshot showing the problem

Important thing to know is that there is no funnel available for “fixed” dual versions due to limited mounting options in this setup.

Below you can find instructions on how to install them on your camera.

Assembly instructions D1x glare protection.pdf (387.1 KB)

Are these funnels available for order? Can I have the codes please?


Amin Kassam / LMCS

Or for a less expensive solution we put a strip of black tape on the dome above where the camera can see. This has reduced glare on the lots of our outdoor cameras that get strong sun.